The Side-Projects: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Some of the things I do besides of my professional activity. This page will be permanently under construction, until further notice.

Inspiration Über Alles

Since 2009 (!!) I'm running a design inspiration blog called "Inspiration Über Alles", with more than 20.000 publications to date and an audience of more than 3.500 followers. There, I'm curating visual shots of Branding, UI Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design or Architecture, almost every day, to showcase projects and concepts I find interesting.

Partnering with Gerard Encabo I have created, a private Telegram group with more than 60 digital professionals working / living in Catalunya. We share news, projects, resources, tools, contests, etc. Also, we ask for feedback, we find partners, make community and host some events. Currently  the group has "invitation-only" status, drop me a line if you want to join us!


A small and quick tribute to some of the designers I admire and recognize as some of my influences, rescuing the visual meme started by Experimental Jetset in 2001, using their names as fictitious members of a "design rock band". Otl (Aicher), Paul (Rand), Dieter (Rams) and Herb (Lubalin). More on this, here

Subversive Media Netlabel

Subversive Media was a netlabel that I founded/managed from 2007 to 2011, focused on the free distribution of electronic dancing music. We released 17 EPs, with 110 unique tracks, by more than 60 international artists, and obtained more than 75,000 downloads. Visit the official website or get a taste of it with this DJ set I've mixed.

(ex)DJ Sets

Almost 10 years playing professionally as a DJ in selected clubs, venues and events in Catalunya, Madrid & Balears. I've performed for 5, as well as for 500. Now I'm retired from the booths but I still enjoy putting a bunch of songs together. Full list @ Mixcloud, I hope you enjoy them! 

Bonus track: The Creative Mixtape

A Spotify list I've been compilling since 2014 and now has grown to contain more than a thousand songs. Different styles and genres, an eclectix mixture, all huge tracks that help me day by day in my work. Full list here.