Why Master of Some?

I've always known that Communication will be my field of work. Loving the Culture, high & low, always reading, listening and watching, as a curious kid, my first memories in this sense are at the age of six, cutting out magazines, comic books and newspapers, drawing and writing to create something new.

Later, on the early nineties, personal computing (My beloved Pentium 100 ;_) and specifically the WWW (33.6 Kbps... raw power!) came into my life to stay, so I dedicated part of my teenage years in those "prehistoric" graphic applications, with computers that now would be surpassed more than a hundred times in power by any smartphone, learning to code to be able to lay out those creations that I've made as a kid, online. Since then, I have been developing my skills, constantly trying to make better work, learning on my own, academically and from friends & colleagues.

I tried majoring in Journalism & Audiovisual Communication for a year (Universitat Ramon Llull, 1998) before I fully understood that my way was the Design. Trained in Design & Interactive Development at NEW HORIZONS (2001), and Graphic Design at IDEP (2002), followed by specializing in Illustration at JOSO (2004) and Editorial Design & Print Production (CREA, 2006), since 2010 I'm fully focused on Branding, UX/UI Design & Development.

My works have been highlighted in a couple of books by The Pepin Press (2006, 2007) and I had the opportunity of speaking of different aspects of my career at schools like EADA (2010) or Elisava (2011). I’ve also created several design related projects and startups, as well as collaborated in some new media platforms as editor, content-curator or contributor, besides translating my passions in various blogs (2002-2007).

Since its inception in 2010 I manage MMX Studio, an independent creative studio, specialized on Branding, UX/UI Design & Development, where we connect companies, brands, institutions or people with their objectives, honestly and professionally, through the application of innovative concepts. 

Over more than ten years I have worked in different design fields such as print, video, advertising and web; with companies and brands around the world, in big and small projects. That's why all the "jack of all trades, master of some" thing makes sense. 


I've had the privilege of working for brand and companies like Laboratorios Esteve, Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer Healthcare, Danone, Panrico Donuts, Wrigley Mars, Grupo Codorniu, Kraft Biscuits, Decathlon, Gore-Tex, Babolat, Orbea, Orca, Luis Parés, LCS Group, ECCON, Altmann, Gantner, 05AM Arquitectes, BCA Arquitectes, Salomon Sports, Panasonic, JVC, Ricoh, SIMO, APIF, Rakuten, QDQ Media, EADA, Selec Envàs, ANTEX, Grupo Mas i Mas, Grupo Dèjavú or UNICEF.


Also I've found awesome people to work with at Advertising agencies (Tiempo BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi Health, Archibald Ingall Stretton Spain - HAVAS, Binària Interactiva), Event agencies (Unit Elements, NOVA, Infected Bookings, eLife) and Design Studios (Mortensen, Etervisual, Pictnic, Hugo Bermúdez, Knüt).